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These suppliers exhibited at BETT 2004, or next door in the hotel with Inclusive Technology   specialist supplier of Interactive products to the Education sector   software for Infant, Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Special Needs. Subjects include Early Learning, English including Dyslexia aids, etc.  Barry Bennett LTD is a specialist supplier in Computers and IT solutions for people with disabilities of all ages  products include Senco Manager and IEP Pro  British Dyslexia Association  software for pupils/students/adults with auditory or visual short-term memory problems/dyslexia  Caves' talking software teaches maths to years 6,7&8 and to foundation GCSE students  worksheet material for every subject  Clicker, Cloze Pro, etc  target skills, entry level to level2  software licencing for education  The Target Skills suite of CD-ROM-based resources is one of the only products of its kind that has been devised specifically for the new adult literacy and numeracy standards and core curricula, covering Entry 1 right up to Level 2  good range of books  software products that allow visually impaired people simple access to mainstream information technology in its original form  high-quality intervention products that pupils with special needs, including those with physical disabilities, need to achieve literacy.  manufactures and supplies communication or speech aids for people with little or no speech, due to disability, illness or accident  Educational Planning And Reporting software; demo on website  Specialists in Sensory Loss with a wide range of Low Vision Aids and Hearing Loop systems  Semerc  Online learning; free; good for more able  The special needs people  Podd, and Dazzle03: really good  spelling and handwriting resources suitable for 6 to adult  provide a wide range of computer access equipment to assist pupils with a variety of physical and cognitive challenges, including large format keyboards, ergonomic mice, and software  creators of IEP Writer  Houlala is an exciting new resource for teaching and learning French  computerised SEN screening tools for teachers to use to identify dyslexia and other learning problems  Speaking Dynamically Pro, PCS symbols, etc.  Penfriend XP helps dyslexic and physically disabled people to write faster by predicting the next word they want to type  provides aids to vision for the partially sighted through to the blind innovative products for people with special needs  educational programs  sensory corners  good attractive software  multi-sensory areas  control robots for Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2  low vision solutions  software products designed to help computer users improve their reading and writing skills  text/screenreader software  online software products, one for reading, one for writing  Lightwriters® are small portable text-to-speech communication aids specially designed to meet the particular needs of people with speech disabilities  educational software for pre-school, primary, secondary, special needs (SEN) and Adult Basic Education (ABE)  Roamer is here  Wordshark and Numbershark software  materials for the blind and visually impaired
link from :  literacy games for dyslexics and others  evaluators evaluate curriculum online resources (software)

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Hardware  Networking and computer company based in Hampshire

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