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 Writing With Symbols 2000 from Widgit Software

Click on the downloads link, above right, to see that these files, below, and more, can be downloaded for use in WWS2K

This page is one from an A5 file, designed for a student on the autistic spectrum who has good speech, but doesn't communicate or choose very much without prompts. The book is a conversation piece to help prompt some conversation about the day and feelings. The symbols are spread apart enough for the student to deal with them without them becoming possibly intimidating through high density, with too much to choose from! They are a conversation piece that can be used at home and school. A small home diary accompanies the student with more information about the day that cannot be accessed just through the A5 book. The pages are printed out and inserted into plastic wallets in an A5 ring binder. The student has good control sufficient to cope with such an arrangement without destroying the file, etc that some students might well do.

This is one of 9 pages each with 3 symbols on, that can be laminated and put into a personal organiser or A5 ring binder to give choices to some pupils, or used to help develop communication and choosing through symbols

This page form a communication book for a student with severe learning difficulties who has an eye condition called nystagmus. She had a PECs book with black on white line drawing symbols which fell off, got lost, got put back on any page, making it difficult to find..... This book uses coloured symbols enabling coding and improved symbol recognition, and fixed category pages which provided consistency of access and presentation. The paper printouts are cut out and laminated with the symbol category making access more easy to use and learn. The pages needed to be robust to cope with being handled by the student. The laminated pages are inserted in an A5 ring binder. Some on the pages were additional, glued inside the front and rear covers. Over the course of a year the student's learning has been so successful than smaller symbols can now be used with more category pages.

The grids are cut out and laminated. The laminate is then cut out and is represented by the grey in the image above. Holes are then punched in the page number strip at the top to fit in an A5 file or filofax style file for older students (age appropriate look)


The page below is one of a set that are all blank, ready to create a communication book of 8 pages. The 'page frame' was the original page from which the two pages 'page framen' and 'page framerev' were created, which in turn enabled the creation of the other pages. See Donloads, link above right

This page is one from a book designed for a student with severe learning difficulties and dyspraxia. The student once had a PECs book with symbols that fell off, got lost, got put back on any page making use more difficult for someone not that well coordinated. The pages were laminated and put into a filofax style A5 personal organiser after being hole punched. This provided a robust age appropriate solution.


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